Best Online Differential Equations Course

Best Online Differential Equations Course

If you are interested in taking the best online differential equations course, then this post is for you. On this page, we will discuss some of the top-rated courses and point out what makes them stand out from the rest. We will also give a brief overview of what to expect from each course along with their prerequisites.

If you are looking for a comprehensive understanding of differential equations, this review should help guide your decision on which course would be best for you.

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Best Online Differential Equations Course



Calculus for Beginners – Differentiation Masterclass

Calculus for Beginners - Differentiation Masterclass

The Differentiation Masterclass (Start Free Course) is the best online differential equations course available right now on Skillshare. Best of all you’ll get access to all of these lectures for no cost when you sign up for a 7-Day Skillshare Free Trial. This course will help you understand how to differentiate any kind of function, including implicit functions, parametric functions, and much more.

The Differentiation Masterclass features over 38 video lectures that are designed in such a way so that they’re easy to follow even if you have no previous knowledge of calculus. You don’t need any prior experience in mathematics or physics either because this course will teach you everything you need to know from scratch.

This isn’t just another boring math class where you end up falling asleep after an hour – since the instructor of this course has made sure that every lecture is interesting and engaging from beginning to end. By the time you finish watching all of these videos, I guarantee that you’ll be well on your way to getting to know everything there is to know about differentiation.



Introduction to Calculus – The University of Sydney

Introduction to Calculus – The University of Sydney

Introduction to Calculus by The University of Sydney is a comprehensive video course on calculus that will make it easy for you to learn at your own pace. You’ll get access to dozens of videos as well as interactive practice problems that help reinforce what you are learning along the way.

This makes Introduction to Calculus an ideal resource whether you want to brush up on calculus concepts before starting university or if you are preparing for a career change and need some new skills under your belt.

With this online introductory calculus course from The University of Sydney, students will learn about both differential and integral calculus while being guided through practical applications for each method. You’ll develop fluency with tangents, limits, derivatives, and integrals as well as their definitions throughout this class.

By understanding how these methods work together and why they’re used so often today—in fields such as engineering or finance—you’ll be able to apply them confidently in any situation in your schooling or future career.



Introduction to Differential Equations – MIT

Introduction to Differential Equations – MIT

MIT’s introduction to Differential Equations course is the best online resource for learning this subject. In this course, you will gain a firm understanding of what you are studying and be able to pursue more advanced materials in the follow-up classes in the Differential EquationsXSeries Program.

The course starts by explaining complex numbers and how they relate to solving first-order linear differential equations. You’ll then move on to higher-order linear differential equations as well as systems of linear differential equations before progressing onto nonlinear systems of ODEs using Laplace transforms and Fourier series approximations.

By the end of this class, you’ll have a solid understanding of what it means to solve a second-order ODEs numerically after being exposed to various numerical techniques throughout the class.



Differential Equations in Action – Udacity

Differential Equations in Action – Udacity

Udacity’s Differential Equations in Action Course leverages an innovative teaching method that uses Python code instead of pen-and-paper math. This hands-on approach will have you finding numerical solutions for differential equations in no time flat.

Udacity’s Differential Equations Course teaches you everything you need to know about differential equation modeling and its applications through hands-on practice solving numerical examples on your computer.

This course gives you the opportunity to solve a range of interesting orbital mechanics problems using differential equations. Plus, you’ll learn how to use Python, an open-source programming language, that you can use to solve these kinds of problems in your own work or research.

Although differential equations appear simple at first glance, real-world problems can be extremely difficult to solve without help from computers. In this course, you will learn how to write code in Python that solves such problems automatically by following a few easy-to-implement steps.

Plus, the instructors at Udacity have designed this course so it’s as close as possible to a university-level experience – except in this free course you can work at your own pace.



A Complete First Course in Differential Equations – Udemy

A Complete First Course in Differential Equations – Udemy

A Complete First Course in Differential Equations is designed to be a rigorous, yet accessible introduction to the subject.

No matter what field of study you’re interested in taking Differential Equations may be required at some point.

This online course provides an easy way for you to master differential equations by using clear explanations and engaging video lectures that will help you develop a strong conceptual understanding of the material.

Each lecture explains every concept thoroughly and considers all possible applications so that you can see how everything fits together.

Plus, this course includes lots of practice problems as well as detailed solutions to help you succeed at mastering the material instead of just memorizing facts.

The topics covered in this course include First Order Differential Equations, Linear Equations of Higher Order, Laplace Transform Methods (including applications), Linear Systems of Differential Equations (including eigenvalue problems and Sturm Liouville Eigenvalue Problems), Power Series Methods, Partial Differential Equations including Fourier Series and Nonlinear Systems of Differential Equations with Numerical Methods.



Differential Equations for Engineers – Hong Kong University

Differential Equations for Engineers – Hong Kong University

Differential Equations for Engineers offered by Hong Kong University is an online course that covers all the basics of differential equations, including both theory and real-world applications. In 9 weeks you will learn about ordinary differential equations, with a final week on the application of partial differential equations.

This Hong Kong University course is designed to be different from other courses. Instead of focusing on theory, it focuses on engineering-related applications. It does this through the use of short videos with simple practice problems following each video. These features make the material easier to understand and remember for students in engineering programs around the world.

With this type of high-quality education available anywhere there’s an internet connection, it’s never been easier or more convenient to have access to great engineering courses like these from top universities.



Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra – Rice

Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra – Rice

Rice University’s course on Ordinary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra breaks from the status quo by focusing heavily on applications of these topics. This course is a great introduction to differential equations and their solutions. It will teach you qualitative analysis via directional fields, as well as the theory of 1st order differential equations like Picard’s theorem.

You’ll also learn about linear algebra topics including matrix algebra and solving systems of linear equations using Gauss-Jordan elimination. The last part covers ordinary differential equations and linear algebra – which are important for engineering students or those who want to work in physics or mathematics careers.

If this sounds interesting, enroll in Rice University’s Course on Differential Equations & Linear Algebra (Click Here)



Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations – KAIST

Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations – KAIST

Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations was developed at KAIST by an experienced professor with years of teaching experience in Korea. It introduces concepts that are essential for understanding differential equations without using too much technical language so that any student can follow along.

This course will help you get started with differential equations in a simple way that is easy to understand even if you are new to calculus. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to solve first-order differential equations by hand as well as solve challenging mathematical modeling problems. You’ll also have an understanding of second-order linear differential equations by the end of this class.

Plus, this course includes several examples solved step-by-step with explanations so it’s very simple to follow along even if this is your first time learning about differential equations.



Ordinary Differential Equations – Udemy

Ordinary Differential Equations – Udemy

If you’re looking for a course that is clear, informative, and easy to understand, look no further than the Ordinary Differential Equations online video tutorial from Udemy. The instructor takes care to make sure everything is explained in plain English so it can be understood by anyone who watches it.

There are over 31 hours of on-demand content with 31 downloadable resources included as well. This course would be perfect for high school students or college freshmen taking their first introduction differential equations class.

This course even includes an entire section dedicated to solving systems of linear equations using matrix algebra techniques such as diagonalization which will prepare them nicely for advanced mathematics courses like Linear Algebra II and Calculus III later on down the line.



Introduction To Differentiation – LinkedIn Learning

Introduction To Differentiation - LinkedIn Learning

The Introduction To Differentiation – Python Tutorial is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the art of differentiation. With this knowledge, it’s easier to use derivatives in order to analyze functions and make better decisions in a wide range of applications.

This Introduction to Differentiation Course offers an in-depth explanation of critical differentiation skills that are essential for machine learning and other STEM fields.

If you’ve ever struggled with a second-order differential equation, then this course is for you.

The tutorials in this online course will teach you how to use derivatives to analyze functions and calculate the slope of curves at any point.

Plus, you can take these lessons anywhere thanks to LinkedIn Learning’s mobile app or watch them on your TV using AppleTV, Roku, or Amazon Fire Stick.




In conclusion, there are many amazing differential equations courses that can be taken online. Based on what you have read about the different features of these classes and who they’re best suited to, we recommend A Complete First Course in Differential Equations as a good place to start.

It offers an easy-to-follow curriculum with clear explanations and plenty of examples so it is perfect if your goal is to learn basic concepts or brush up on old skills before taking more advanced courses elsewhere.

A Complete First Course in Differential Equations also features over 29.5 hours of video lectures which will help reinforce new material while giving you experience solving differential equations for a fraction of the price of most online calculus classes.